We believe the dollars are
in the details.

No sales and marketing effort works well with a crappy logo. This is why we are all about taking the time to work with entrepreneurs to ensure their logo presentation is just as strategic as the sales copy, website, and other marketing investments.


Matthew Wiltz

Brand Designer

In Matthew’s 9 year career as an award-winning brand designer, he has designed too many logos to count (trust me, I tried to before writing his bio). His work has been published in top design galleries, featured on buzzfeed.com, and ranges from well-known brands like Vizio to small businesses. Clients love his attention to detail and persistence in finding thoughtful ways to make their logo unique to them.

Matthew was the first and most long-standing team member responsible for nearly all of the design work. Matthew was the lead brand designer for every side project, spin-off, an idea that came out of Pixelbrush. It just made sense that he would carry the torch by continuing to offer those branding services for other entrepreneurs. Today he serves as the lead designer and operator of Pixelbrush. While Matthew certainly runs the show Tyler still stays close with a constant stream of ideas for the blog and business.

Our Roots


Pixelbrush started in 2007.  Tyler Woerner launched the business in his college rent house with a laptop and a “How to build websites for dummies” book by his side. What started out as a few freelance opportunities quickly become a full fledged small business. As the company grew, so did Tyler’s entrepreneurial itch, and the business became his laboratory for launching products and services in the web and marketing space. As those projects became the core of our teams focus and grew self sufficient, it left an opportunity for us to reinvent what Pixelbrush would become.