Daysite: Start coding the clock is ticking

Daysite is a service that started out of a need to get websites for new products and services out to the marketplace quicker. The concept is simple: A website done in a day.

Below is the initial logo inspiration. The biggest differentiating factor of the service was the scope of time. I wanted to have a graphic element that supported that.

This concept plays off of the shadow being cast off of the “A” which serves as a sun dial.

Here are some of the initial sketches.

This round of exploration includes different concepts outside of the initial sun, clock, and sun dial. It includes the concept we ultimately used.

The final concept explored was the HTML code with clock hands for a closing bracket. It rooted the service as a web service but still showcased the timeframe.

Below is the final version in application.


How to get 3 logo options you’ll love without throwing away money on versions you’ll never use.

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