What’s New at Pixelbrush

What’s New at Pixelbrush?

Pixelbrush is excited to announce our new logo and branding packages! Matthew Wiltz has been crafting the perfect process for getting product entrepreneurs a logo design they can use to launch their products. So far he’s been having a blast working on the focus has been on three specific product markets.

Consumer electronics – You can’t make it on Kickstarter with a lame logo. The internet holds no punches.  

Food Products – A good logo just makes things taste better. It’s science.

Pet Products –  Elon Musk said the pet industry is the true last frontier. No, he didn’t.   

I wanted him to consider the kid toys market. My thought was if I’m going to trip over toys they should at least have decent branding. But for now there seems to be more opportunity in the previously mentioned industries so he’ll press on in that direction. You can read more about how suits hijacked the kids product market in future Facebook rants.

Why You Should Care

The process Matthew has been working on comes from years of experience and countless logo projects. He took inventory of the most successful projects, not just clients that were easy to work with, but ones where the logo design made an impact on their marketability. With that intel (and the coaching of an internet guru from California) he designed a roadmap to crafting the perfect logo design for product developers.

Not only is Matthew a really talented graphic designer but he puts soul into the work he does and it makes a difference. When entrepreneurs get feedback from their customers like, “Wow, I assumed you guys were a huge company” or, “Your product just seemed like it was higher quality compared to others”, it’s validation that launching with a legit logo will be more successful. Every entrepreneur can start with that opportunity.

Currently, there are 3 price brackets ranging from $750 to $2500. We’ve kept the price at a place where we could afford to do the entire process the right way. Matthew is a perfectionist so the $99/2 Day turn-around logo service wasn’t a space we could compete in. So we aren’t. Those services can be great for the right time and purpose in a new venture. But Matthew is the guy you go to after you’ve proven the model, after the DIY logo your cousin did got you some initial customers.

Wrapping it up!

If you or a loved one wants a logo this Christmas…

I wanted to share this information because I really believe in what Matthew is doing and what his work can do for entrepreneurs. Matthew has been the lead brand designer for every side project, spin-off, an idea that came out of Pixelbrush. It just made sense that he would carry the torch by continuing to offer those branding services for other entrepreneurs.

How to avoid the 5 most costly logo mistakes before you launch your product.

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How to avoid the 5 most costly logo mistakes before you launch your product.


How to avoid the 5 most costly logo mistakes before you launch your product.

Tyler Woerner

Tyler started Pixelbrush Studios in 2007 in his college rent house as an outlet for working with other entrepreneurs. He currently serves as a founding advisor and contributes to the business with a constant stream of ideas for the blog and company.