Fittest Father: A brand for those fighting the Dad Bod

Everyone knows that for Mother’s Day mom’s usually get all the stops but when Father’s Day rolls around that may not always be the case. With this in mind (and a recent health and fitness change in Tyler Woerner’s life) a competition to celebrate and promote healthy fathers was born. Fittest Father is a one-day event that allows dads to compete against one another, spend the day with their family, and gain some bragging rights in the process.

When we first started working on the branding of this new venture we looked at several existing fitness logos and other competition based logos in the same family. We wanted this to feel more family oriented than an aggressive approach. It was a fine line that was important to keep in mind as we moved forward.

Once I did some digging and saw what was out there it was time to start sketching ideas to represent this new brand. The thoughts ranged from using child item in combination with symbols of strength (pacifier kettle bell combo, or baby bottle dumbbells) all the way to different animals that celebrated the “Father” such as penguins (the male will stay and sit on the eggs until they hatch) or Seahorses (The Father carries and delivers the baby seahorses). After these and a few others, I decided it was time to jump into the computer and start to flesh out some of these thoughts.

My first set of concepts ranged from a “stamp of approval” idea all the way to using a father and child icon directly in the type face.

I felt a few of the concepts could work but the one everyone gravitated towards and felt had the strongest since of what the event was supposed to represent was option 6 above. Now that I nailed down the direction I wanted to see what other ways I could showcase this same idea.

I explored different types & looks such as splash or no splash back grounds but in the end, I felt there was still an aspect to the fitness side that was missing. I made some minor alterations and below we have our final logo. This logo will help carry the values and ideas of this competition into the future.

Once I had the logo finalized we worked on creating additional assets to insure a successful event.

Once I finished up the marketing side of things one element missing that we definitely wanted to include was a T Shirt strictly for the athletes. It was the perfect way to make the Dad’s competing stand out and shine on Father’s Day. Most competitions will provide you a racing number when you arrive. We thought why not include this into the shirt directly and wright the numbers on the shirt. It creates this “limited” feel that adds to the special feeling the brand is hoping to infuse with everyone competing.

How to avoid the 5 most costly logo mistakes before you launch your product.

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How to avoid the 5 most costly logo mistakes before you launch your product.


How to avoid the 5 most costly logo mistakes before you launch your product.

Matthew Wiltz

In Matthew’s 9 year career as a brand designer he has designed too many logos to count (trust me, I tried to before writing his bio). Clients love his attention to detail and persistence in finding thoughtful ways to make their logo unique to them.