Louisiana Logo Design Cliches You Should Avoid


Louisiana should not only be proud of the food and culture it has to offer. It should be proud of the businesses that launch out of the state as well. Unfortunately, a lot of the Louisiana logo design you see makes it difficult to see that we’ve got more to offer than the stereotypes.

As we all know, too much of a good thing can be bad. Things that make Louisiana great often become over abused cliches.

Writing this post I risk sounding like I’m just a fussy designer on a rant, but the truth is I’ve seen business owners make this mistake and it cost them business. What’s worse is entrepreneurs shortsightedly abuse cliches thinking it’s a better way to get local business.

Why should I Avoid Cliches?

You might be asking “Why Are Cliches Bad Anyway”? The obvious answer is because you run the risk of looking like everyone else. Digging a little deeper the reason that it is dangerous is because of a core tenant of sales and marketing: The Unique Selling Proposition (or USP as it’s often referred to).  For example, if you sell a BBQ Sauce, your USP might be – “Amazing Heat without the Heartburn”. It’s a claim that is unique to your product or service. Marketers use the USP to contrive entire campaigns, and ad copy. In the same way, you want your logo to be unique because it will visually support all your marketing efforts. If you have brilliantly crafted marketing copy centered around your USP but a logo that looks like a collage of similar businesses the ad will fall flat. Consciously avoiding cliches is a great way to prevent that from happening.

These 3 tips for launching a brand with a great logo in Louisiana will help you navigate how to make sure you aren’t falling into the same trap.

Avoid Overused Louisiana Symbols


Unless your business is selling these items, or it’s in the name you should probably avoid them.

Ask yourself “Does this symbol help to visually communicate a quality or aspect of my product or service?” If the answer isn’t yes then you may not be digging deep enough into the “why” of your business.

Avoid Louisiana Sports Team Colors


Another mistake local business owners make is piggybacking off the brand colors of local sports teams. The colors you choose as a brand should be chosen more strategically than who you root for on the weekends. In fact, they should be evaluated beyond personal preference altogether. Colors, like symbols, should be measured against your competitive landscape and what emotions are associated with them.

Less Louisiana is More Louisiana


Downtown Lafayette      |      Lafayette Louisiana      |      Louisiana Hot Sauce

You can break our first rule if you do it sparingly. If it is important to anchor your brand to Louisiana then using classic Louisiana symbolism is a way to do it, but not obnoxiously. Here are some examples that use common Louisiana icons functionally. In these cases, it helps to brand the company is Louisana centric.


How to avoid the 5 most costly logo mistakes before you launch your product.

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How to avoid the 5 most costly logo mistakes before you launch your product.


How to avoid the 5 most costly logo mistakes before you launch your product.

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