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We help newborn photographers acquire more paying clients.

From Only Word of Mouth to
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Tired of relying on word of mouth? One month you’re busy & the next month no one calls. Sound familiar? We help you get the shots that you want to take.

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For us, our families is the most important thing in our lives. We get to help more families create memories together. We began by helping one photographer. Now, we get a thrill seeing other photographers take the shots that families love.


Why Maternity/Newborn Photographers? I have many friends in the photography space & always talk business with them. I found that so many people are focusing in wedding, and there were no marketers helping newborn photographers. So I decided to develop a system that works for newborn photographers. Quite that simple. – Cole Lusby

HOW We Help Newborn Photographers


We run a targeted Facebook Ad that causes people to contact you. We have a unique system of generating paying clients. After all, we got you here on this page. We help you do the same thing for your clients.



brass and twine
Below is a screenshot of the Ad Results after 5 days.


18 moms saying yes to a newborn session.


3 of them booked (and paid) for sessions!


140% ROI in 5 days!
Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 11.43.45 AM
But what about the others that didn’t book…?
Next month, they’ll get an email & text message follow up from us (as part of our service)!


What is the ROI? 
If Brass & Twine charges $400 for each session (you may charge more!), she’s received $1200. That’s a 140% Return on Investment (ROI). And that happened in the FIRST WEEK.


Not only that… But I coach you on how to increase the lifetime value of a customer. Not only is it $400 for the newborn session, but I recommend up-selling a 3/6 month session + a 1 year family session = pushing your value of 1 booking closer to a $1,000.

Customer Review


“I feel excited and I think this is just what I needed to realize my response emails and sales closing needs serious work. I love the spreadsheet, you are very helpful, and I am very happy with the results so far (albeit kind of overwhelmed with trying to reply to all of these inquiries and chat back and forth with so many potential clients!).  I think I was unprepared for the response to the ad!” – Courtney Prejean, Brass & Twine

From Maternity to 1 Year Old

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