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When creating a software service logo design it’s important to understand the impact it can have on your customer acquisition.

One of the main things prospective users are trying to assess is how reliable and easy to use your SAAS platform is to use. Nothing can destroy their confidence in your software like a poorly executed logo design.

Before users take the time to sign up for a trial or even dig into a real assessment of your features they’ll judge the quality of your software on appearance.

We recommend following our simple SMART acronym to make sure your SAAS logo won’t be sending prospective users to look at other solutions.

If your Software as a Service Logo Design follows this guideline you’ll avoid…

  • Creating a logo that leaves doubt in the quality of your software and instead have one that give prospective users confidence in your solution and increases the perception of it’s value.
  • Creating a logo that might never work in the real world to one that is easy to use in today’s sales and marketing platforms like Facebook and Google where software solutions get the most exsposure.
  • Creating a logo that goes out of style and sends the message that your product is no longer relevant leaving customers passing you by.

The SMART checklist for SAAS Logo Designs.


Make sure that you don’t over complicate your logo design. Your software may have many features and offer a solution for several problems but that doesn’t mean they all have to represented in your logo. The best logos are simple and are typically limited to one idea illustrated in the icon or typeface.


  • Stick to illustrating one core idea or object.
  • Use 1 to 2 fonts.
  • Make sure the logo is just as strong in only one color.


  • Use rasterized images.
  • Add drop shadows.
  • Use effects like bevel or emboss


Avoid using impractical designs that make it difficult to use in places where your logo image can have the most impact. One of the biggest places your software will get exposure is on social media. Don’t let that be an afterthought. Make sure you’ve thought out how your icon or logo can work as a Facebook or Twitter avatar.


  • Print your logo small to make sure it’s legible.
  • Consider how your logo identity will be represented on digital platforms with small square avatars like Facebook and Twitter.


  • Use too many logo variations. It can cause design inconsistency for your brand at a time when you need the most easy recognition.
  • Create a logo that is more expensive to print or produce when it isn’t necessary. Make sure it is clear as a single color. This can save you a lot of money when you need to get swag printed.
  • Have a long name. The best SAAS companies have simple short names.


Avoid creating a logo that appeals to no one and instead make it really appealing to a specific audience.


  • Consider the ideal target market for your product and design it for them.
  • Use a tone and aesthetic that matches your brand values.


  • Follow the norms of your industry but rather the customer you serve.
  • Add too much detail. Strong logos aren’t complicated.


Avoid shallow uninspired cliches and tap into the heart behind your brand. With the rise of apps and software as a service you’ll want to make sure that your logo looks unique among the competitors in your space.


  • Try to be unique and different than your competition.
  • Do find some inspiration in your brand values and what you are trying to accomplish for your customers with your product.


  • Create something that is aesthetically appealing but has no heart or cleverness to it.
  • Use a generic font without making some modifications to it.
  • Use clip art for your icon.


Avoid trends that may put a timestamp (AKA an expiration date) on your software.


  • Look at current trends to make sure to avoid them. You can google the year’s logo trends to get an idea.
  • Make sure that your logos elements like icon and type mark can stand alone.


  • Use overly abused concepts like swooshes and humanoids.
  • Use type that is over stylized.

Some Example Software as a Service (SAAS) Logos we’ve Designed.

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How to avoid the 5 most costly logo mistakes before you launch your product.

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How to avoid the 5 most costly logo mistakes before you launch your product.


How to avoid the 5 most costly logo mistakes before you launch your product.

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