VooDoo Rods: A logo that casts a spell

VooDoo Rods came to us looking to update their brand as they were beginning to grow in the premier rod building supplies and custom rods industry. They had an existing logo but wanted to reimagine and add new life to their company. I started by looking at the original logo and finding out what elements they liked and what they didn’t. They really wanted to keep a fish as the main icon but were open to exploring different avenues to how we presented it.

After sketching different ideas I jumped to the computer to begin refining the different directions I felt could update and add new value to this existing brand. The first concept we jumped far away from the look and feel of their existing brand. I was going for a more pieced together look using pins as fish bones. The second concept we went back to the existing logo and came up with a more modern and clean version drawing inspiration from speed boat logos. The final concept we wanted to take the fish and breathe new life into it by making it its own character almost like a mascot.

After the initial review of the three concepts, they really liked the ideas of having a character represent their brand so I moved forward with the third concept and started looking into different ways we could take and refine that concept.

After the second round they felt “concept revision – 2” was structured best for their needs but because they liked aspects of the other concepts I went through a refinement stage to show them a few more variations to help get one step closer to the logo they were looking for.

Once we finalized the logo I looked into what colors would be good to use. Usually, I can go through many different options but the client had mentioned they really wanted to incorporate a bright green similar to their original logo but they were open to variations. With this in mind, I choose the green and gray scale color palette you see below and they loved it and told us not to change it.

The final design is a hit with the client and they even took to their Facebook audience to help name their new mascot. I provided them with several different versions of the logo so they could use it for many types of applications like decals on t-shirts and fishing rods and other accessories.

We also helped them expand upon their branding by creating a secondary logo for their catch phrase using the design language we established in the logo.

How to avoid the 5 most costly logo mistakes before you launch your product.

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How to avoid the 5 most costly logo mistakes before you launch your product.


How to avoid the 5 most costly logo mistakes before you launch your product.

Matthew Wiltz

In Matthew’s 9 year career as a brand designer he has designed too many logos to count (trust me, I tried to before writing his bio). Clients love his attention to detail and persistence in finding thoughtful ways to make their logo unique to them.